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(Picture: Adam Clyde and Ann Adams in She Mob)

Welcome everyone to Vintage Texploitation!

You may be asking yourself, “What is Texploitation?” Texploitation movies are sexploitation (and exploitation) movies filmed in Texas, mostly in the 1960s. These were sexy, low budget movies with lots of nudity you wouldn’t see in mainstream movies from this era.  A lot though not all of these movies were filmed in Dallas, though a few were filmed in Houston and San Antonio.

On this website, you’ll find Texploitation pictures, articles, and vintage ads, along with original research on the people who were involved in making the movies. Films and players in our research include She Mob, The Office Party, Whit Boyd, Dale Berry, Maurice Levy, Larry Buchanan, and whoever the hell made Bat Pussy!

The term “Texploitation” comes from the fine folks at Something Weird Video. For thirty years, they’ve been specializing in vintage weird, exploitation, and exploitation movies. A lot of these films wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for Something Weird!

A website like this isn’t done alone, nor does it exist in a vacuum.  Please see our acknowledgments for some of the fine folks who’ve generously contributed to our page.

Enjoy the sleaze!

Dennis & Melinda

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